Thursday, 6 February 2014

Brother, Birthday, Crochet and Coffee...

Hello there. Well what a few days it has been for me. I was in Manchester over the weekend(well I say weekend I was there until fact I have spent more time in Manchester in the last 6 weeks than at home hehe!) I was there for my little Brothers 30th Birthday. We had a ball. I didn't actually get a chance to take many pics as we were laughing too much. He had a few nights and days(well it is a big birthday...)
Me and my little Brother, all poshed up to head out.

His official Birthday cake...I need to work on my piping skills :/

Happy Birthday. We went to a gorgeous Italian restaurant that is a regular eating hole for us. The food is so delicious. I let my diet fly out of the window that night :)

Birthday cake on the day.
My Brother LOVES lemon drizzle cake with lemon curd filling, so as a little Birthday breakfast treat I woke him up with this.
Safe to say he was very Happy indeed...
This picture makes me laugh as it looks like he is wearing a party hat haha!

Whilst there I did a teeny, tiny bit of shopping. I didn't intend to but I couldn't help myself. I made the mistake of going up there with no crochet. 
"I will be fine" I told myself, "I will read" I told myself. By the second day I couldn't cope so yarn had to be purchased. Not expensive yarn as there really was no point, but cheap, decent yarn to keep a girl happy.

Oh and I sorta purchased a few pretties too...
BUTTONS!!! I ADORE buttons. Don't ask me why but I do. I already have a huge collection and have no actual need for these whatsoever, but who cares? They make me smile

Don't they look all lovely and cosy(they feel awesome too when you put your hand in and let them fall through your fingers!)
I find in the craft world the smallest things make people so happy. Maybe that is just my crazy head telling me so, but that is how I see it. Reading many blogs throughout the years and I get so much pleasure from a photograph, a story. I find that when I look around I am cheered up by a bird diving to catch prey, my children concentrating with their tongues out, a smile, a button.

Oh and as for coffee and crochet? That was the journey home. I really prefer to get on a train at the starting station and Manchester picadilly is just that for my journey home on the ever so AWFUL Arriva Trains Wales. Yuk. I really don't like Arriva. 
Anywho, keeping me busy on the train was a little crochet, and by little I mean fast and simple. I made some little coasters. I really like how they turned out. I didn't have a pattern so kinda winged it. 
I will hopefully, once this house is all sorted out, be adding a pattern for a flat flower and these little coasters are roughly the first 3 rounds. I will definitely be making many more in different colours and designs.
I even made a smaller one for my coffee on the train :)
I actually found this yarn in a poundstore and they are the colours I have been looking for, for so long. It is awesome when that happens.
The pics are not great as, as I have mentioned I have a rubbish phone, but I am in love with these simple yet satisfying little things.

Happy Thursday x

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