Thursday, 27 February 2014

Flat Hexagon Tutorial...

This is a pattern that I came up with one night when I had, had enough of using my brain following other patterns. If it is already out there surfing the WWW then apologies but I haven't found this pattern on my travels and in case you haven't either then here is a tutorial...

I am using Rowan Linen yarn which is a sturdy DK therefore requires a 4.5mm hook.

Instructions will use US terminology.
but a little conversion is...

Chain(Ch) =same
Slip Stitch(SS) =same
Double Crochet(DC) =Treble(UK)

They are the only stitches I use in this pattern.

To begin Chain 2.

DC into the first chain(this will become the centre) Ch1.

*DC, Ch1* repeat 11 times(12 stitches in total)
Tighten the centre by pulling the tail firmly.

Join to first DC with SS as shown.

SS into first Ch space

Ch3, DC twice into same Ch space. Ch1

*3 DC into next Ch space, Ch 1* repeat to end

Join with SS at the top of the 3Ch as shown.

SS into the top of the next stich. I have placed the needle where this is.

Do the same in the next stitch.

SS into the Ch space of the previous round and Ch3.

2DC, 2Ch, 3DC into same space.

3DC into next Ch space(DO NOT Ch1 to get to next space)

*3DC, Ch2, 3DC into next space. 3DC into next space* repeat to end.

SS to join to top of Ch3. Finish and weave in ends.

That is it! How easy is that? I hope that it is an easy to understand tutorial. It is my first so please, anything I have missed or messed up PLEASE let me know xxx

Hugs Emma x


Remember when I bought some yarn? Well if you don't it was this post. Well I knew I wanted to use the linen for the sofa. Initially it was just going to be for an arm cover but I love the colours so much it wasn't long before I wanted it to be a sofa blanket.

There are a couple of problems I faced though. The first was more of a dilemma that required some internal conversation. What pattern do I want to use? Initially I thought granny stripe as I really want a granny stripe blanket for the sofas but then I thought no, it wouldn't show off the colours. Ripple? no...and so it went on.
Then I had it. Hexagons! It was obvious really. They are something I haven't done and really wanted to try and the individual blocks would show the colours brilliantly.

So I went looking for the right hexagon pattern that would easy and fast(I like simple when it comes to crochet. Too much brain work and it loses its charm).

I really liked the look of Lucys over at the attic.

But there was a little problem with this...
I followed the instructions to the letter(and picture) but they were popping up in the centre. No matter how I played with them I couldn't get them flat. Maybe it was the yarn I am using or maybe it is because I am only using one colour in a hexagon, but whatever it was it wasn't working for me.

After trying these I was getting tired(the pics are dark because it was late at night). I wanted something a lot simpler than all the hexagons I was finding, so I decided I would just make it up as I went along.
Now. The thing with this is, you think you have created a whole new pattern and you are pleased as punch but I bet you a penny it is already out there in some book, on some site, but I haven't found it and so I made it. I am sorry if you are mr/s pattern creator but this is a genuine top of the head moment.
I call it the Flat Wagon Wheel Hexagon...I like short names ;)


See how lovely and flat they are? All sitting neatly side by side. I was so happy.
This was as far as I got though as I was too exhausted to continue.

I have been working on it a little here and there, squeezing in these easy, peasy hexagons whenever I can. They are a delight to work up as each one takes less than 10 mins. Can you imagine the possibilities??? 
It is recently I have come to my second snag. Remember at the beginning of the post when I said I wanted a sofa blanket? Scroll up I definitely said it ^^^
Well I need a LOT more yarn to make that happen and at £9 a ball it might be a while...I can see this being a looooong time project, but I am confident that each time I do pick it up I am going to be thrilled to bits :)

These are better pictures showing the colours and textures of this lovely yarn.

I am going to attempt to write a pattern for the Flat Wagon Wheel Hexagon. Please take a gander and let me know what you think. It will be my first pattern and I will probably make a pigs ear of it so I will need tips and tricks...

Hugs Emma x

Birthdays and X-Rays...

Hey there. So the title is a little misleading as there was only one birthday and one x-ray.
It was my middle bugs 10th birthday yesterday. DOUBLE DIGITS! That makes two of them now.
It was a pretty quiet one, we couldn't do too much as I had a doctors apt right bang in the middle of the day! He was thrilled with his gifts though and his big sister took him and the biggest bug out for a meal in the evening.

That mound he is blowing out candles on is a mountain of flapjacks covered in chocolate. It is what he asked for lol!
I also had some cake decorating to complete yesterday. Nothing too fancy but it is cute.

The doctor yesterday had a look at my neck, I have always had pretty bad pain across the shoulders and down the neck but lately it has been getting unbearable. She thought that the vertebrae may be collapsing or I have completely lost the curve(cervical kyphosis).
I went for an x-ray this morning and it was really interesting to see the neck and head on the screen. MY head and neck. I have had hundreds of x-rays on my legs, especially my knees and they are pretty boring, I have x-rays on my back and pelvis which were a little interesting, but the head and neck really was interesting. It was quiet in the hospital so the radiographer spent a little time talking to me about the different bones and functions. She confirmed that I had a very straight neck but obviously she couldn't tell me any more than that. I will have to wait to see the reumatologist in just over a week(thankfully I already had an apt).

Once I had finished there I took a stroll into town to enjoy a brew in a very colourful tearoom that I am coming to love(no camera so no pics). It is run by a lovely couple who are as colourful as the shop.

We then headed to the 'restaurant' the kid wanted to go to, I tried talking him out of it but he insisted.
 It was vile! 
If you live near a Peechy Keens and you are tempted to go in DONT!!! It was the most revolting food I have ever tasted in my life. I thought I would be sick. I was telling people who were wavering whether to eat there or not to run away!

These were the only things that tasted OK! I told middle child that he is never again allowed to pick somewhere to eat because he clearly lacks functioning taste buds!

Now we are finally home, the children are playing in there rooms and I am enjoying a cuppa and about to read a magazine that will restore my faith in good food.

Ahhhhh bliss...

Happy Thursday xx

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Rockin' Romans...

Yesterday we headed out with the kids to take advantage of some great weather and some fab entertainment. We headed over a very small hill to our local Roman museum in Caerleon. We didn't visit the ruins today but they are amazing and this is a great day out for anyone visiting south wales. They are the only Roman Legionary barrack remains on view anywhere in Europe and have featured on many a history programe!
We are lucky that we live just a few minutes drive away and I am lucky that I have a friend that can drive hehe!
The museum is holding an event this week all about the Roman army. Encouraging the children to become a Roman soldier for the day! Our feisty lads took on the challenge with gusto!

Training to fight Celts!

Making bricks.

Assault course to test agility!

Mosaic making and puzzle solving.

Even the big ones like to dress up :)

The Legion that was based at Caerleon.

Eeeeeew!!! Hands in latrines searching for rats!

Don't fear it is only a game hehe!

Getting ready to say goodbye to their families for 25years as they go off to fight as soldiers.

Trying on armour and map reading.

It was a really great day for all and everyone was wiped at the end(I think it was actually only us Mums that were wiped!) 
So far half term is great and hopefully the rest of the week holds lots more adventures.
It is my middle Bugs birthday tomorrow. DOUBLE DIGITS!!!
I have some baking and wrapping to do so I guess I will say goodnight.

Happy Tuesday x