Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tuesday Treasures...

Hello lovelies. Well I have had a really lovely Tuesday. After doing the morning sprucing(clearing up morning mess that 3 bugs create) smallest bugs room was completely cleaned. He had a huge play fest yesterday(you know when every single toy has to come out?)
Then it was complete bliss...
Glorious sunshine reflecting off my darning needle as I sew in lots of colourful, little ends of my coasters to be. They just need a little shower of starch and they will be ready to add to the spring look that is coming along...Excited for Spring...

A rare site. I am such a slow and novice knitter that I rarely use the clickety clackers hehe. I am creating a cushion inspired from one I have seen on pinterest(my serious addiction...if there is pinterest rehab I think I need a visit!)

Happy daffodils opening up to absorb the glorious sunshine. It was so warm with the sun streaming in through the window. A stark contrast to the bitter cold outside. We even had light flakes of snow.

After we got home from the school run(and an excellent parents evening. I am always so proud of them) we needed hot chocolates to warm up. Daddy introduced the sprinkles at Christmas and now they insist upon them, and who can blame them? They make it a lot more exciting.

Reading aloud as Mummy knits. I love to hear their interpretations and voices. These precious moments are my favourite. Having the illness I have, I can't always take in these moments and they pass me by. It is so upsetting, so I soak them up every chance I get.

Smallest Bug aka The Boss, wanted snacks after dinner. He loves indoor picnics and grabs this blanket every time. He thinks it is the perfect picnic blanket and I am inclined to agree.
It was Mummys turn to read as they devoured fruit and fromage frais. Even the big ones love stories being read out. I think there is a little child in all of us that remember being read to and drifting off into the story. 
Roald Dahl is a firm favourite and I have to say this one is my bestest hehe!

I hope you all had a lovely day too x
Happy Tuesday x

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