Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Well it will be a lazy afternoon after such a busy morning. Every time I am laid up with my joints, back, mental health I get so frustrated that as soon as I am able, I am up and sorting/cleaning.
Sadly though I always end up back in bed because I am a muppet who just does that little too much too soon.
Today I got up, went downstairs(first time in days) and had every intention of crocheting cute little hearts whilst drinking tea all day. It didn't quite go like that though.
Since Christmas my sorting and tidying has gone out of the window which left a large part of my small lounge in disarray. Along with all the kiddies craft pa-lava and remnants of my Christmas creating there was a huge layer of dust and odds and sorts all out of place.
After a few hours of throwing away, dusting, sorting and moving I finally got my two units in order and looking decent again YAY!
My lovely dresser actually looks like it is suppose to instead of a dumping site.

My(and kids) craft shelves are finally organised too.

I am very pleased with my Sunday efforts and I even started another project but that will have to wait. Right now I am taking myself back to my pit, dosing up on painkillers and hooking some cute little hearts.

Happy Sunday x 


  1. Hello Emma what a lovely dresser you have there! I hope your joints ease soon for you. x

  2. Bless your heart, I hope you got some rest. A bit of tidy does wonders doesn't it? I have had it in my mind to crochet some hearts but have not found the time, I think I need to plan better.

    Fell well,

  3. Looking good so far..hope you feel a little better soon, can you catch up on some reading while you are in bed ?

    1. I always try as I love reading, but I end up dozing off and bending the book. I think I need more coffee ;)