Sunday, 16 February 2014

Taffy Pie...

As we head into the second half of the month of February my mind can't help wandering to, what is in this house, the start of Spring.
For us Spring begins on the 1st March. St. Davids day.
We enjoy celebrating the day. Wales has so many traditions that are wonderful to be a part of.
Being English integrating was difficult for a while, but after 17yrs I think I am now OK. 3 Welsh boys and a Welsh husband all help ;)

On this day I like to cook food that is either traditionally welsh or that reminds me of Wales. Sometimes food that incorporates welsh ingredients will do(which I try to do in most of my cooking)

Several years ago I created a pie for my husband. He LOVES pies and he loves chicken so I thought I would welsh up a chicken pie(I have made this pie and replaced the chicken and oregano for lamb and mint and it is just as delicious!)

I have called this pie Taffy pie as 
1. It contains leek (hehe!)
 2. It was created in Wales
 3. My taff loves pie...

This a pic of individual pies, the recipe is for a large pie. You can make either.


Either buy ready to roll short crust pastry, or here is my recipe.

Half fat to flour. I use around 1lb plain flour which is 8 oz butter/lard/marg. You will need 2tsp warm water for every oz of flour so roughly around 32 tsp water which you will add gradually so don't worry about measuring it first just get a cup of warm water.

Put flour and butter in a bowl and rub the ingredients between your fingers until it is well mixed and resembles breadcrumbs(you can just put in food mixer and then add water gradually until you have a firm dough). Add a few tsp of the water and using a dinner knife fold the water in(this was the way my Nan taught me. I don't know why we used a knife but we did and it works lol.) Continue to add water and fold until you have a firm dough(dont worry if you add a little too much water just add a little more flour).

Once ready grease a pie dish of approx 8in and wrap pastry in cling film, place in the fridge until needed.


1lb diced chicken
2 Large carrots
1 large leek
1 large sweet potato
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
3 cloves garlic

Fill a large pan/pot with water and add to it the chicken, turn on full heat.

Chop the carrots, leek and sweet potato into small/medium chunks and add to the water with the salt, pepper and oregano. Crush the garlic into the pot, stir and bring to the boil. Once boiled turn down to simmer place lid on top and leave until chicken is cooked completely through and the veg is soft enough to your palate.

Drain the veg but make sure you drain into another pan or bowl as you will use the stock to make a gravy of your you make your gravy is up to you and your diet but as long as you make just enough for your pie and use the stock it will be fine.

Preheat oven to gas mark 6/200c

Roll out the pastry and line the pie dish(you might to blind bake the pastry. I never do, why? Because it always messes up!) you will need the remaining pastry for the lid of the pie.

Pour the veg onto the pastry then add enough gravy to cover. Roll out a lid for the pie, make 2 1 inch long cuts in the lid to let out steam and place in the oven. You can glaze the pastry with egg before baking, this will give it a lovely golden colour.

Bake until a lovely golden brown.

Happy Sunday x


  1. This sounds so good. Chicken and leeks are such a delicious combination, and with the sweet potato too - yum. x

  2. It sounds delicious, Emma. I love leeks and any kind of pie is a-okay with me. :)

  3. Those pies look so good and sound delicious too. Yum! Thank you for the recipe. (I'm ready for spring too.)

  4. Love the sound of this! My family love chicken pie and I really like the idea of adding sweet potato as we love that too. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
    Marianne x

  5. This looks delicious friend! And how wonderful that you bake with tradition!! Thank you for sharing this one as I am always looking to try a new dish!! All the best this week! Nicole

  6. Hi Emma!
    I am smiling right now because you are the first blogger I met that has roots in Wales, and because, supposedly, I have some Welsh ancestry! I am SO excited to finally have a Welsh recipe to try out:) TY!
    Thank you so much for your recent visit and sweet remark too.
    PS: My Tête-à-Tête daffodils are getting closer and closer to blooming. I can hardly wait till my planter box is filled with their glorious happy yellow blooms:)

  7. This looks so yum Emma - might have to give it a whirl on St David's day.... And daffodils are definitely the flower of the season. When I lived in London I used to buy a bunch of baby daffs and dish them out to my bemused fellow Londoners on March 1st. Thankfully back here in Wales wearing one on your lapel is considered a bit more normal....