Thursday, 27 February 2014


Remember when I bought some yarn? Well if you don't it was this post. Well I knew I wanted to use the linen for the sofa. Initially it was just going to be for an arm cover but I love the colours so much it wasn't long before I wanted it to be a sofa blanket.

There are a couple of problems I faced though. The first was more of a dilemma that required some internal conversation. What pattern do I want to use? Initially I thought granny stripe as I really want a granny stripe blanket for the sofas but then I thought no, it wouldn't show off the colours. Ripple? no...and so it went on.
Then I had it. Hexagons! It was obvious really. They are something I haven't done and really wanted to try and the individual blocks would show the colours brilliantly.

So I went looking for the right hexagon pattern that would easy and fast(I like simple when it comes to crochet. Too much brain work and it loses its charm).

I really liked the look of Lucys over at the attic.

But there was a little problem with this...
I followed the instructions to the letter(and picture) but they were popping up in the centre. No matter how I played with them I couldn't get them flat. Maybe it was the yarn I am using or maybe it is because I am only using one colour in a hexagon, but whatever it was it wasn't working for me.

After trying these I was getting tired(the pics are dark because it was late at night). I wanted something a lot simpler than all the hexagons I was finding, so I decided I would just make it up as I went along.
Now. The thing with this is, you think you have created a whole new pattern and you are pleased as punch but I bet you a penny it is already out there in some book, on some site, but I haven't found it and so I made it. I am sorry if you are mr/s pattern creator but this is a genuine top of the head moment.
I call it the Flat Wagon Wheel Hexagon...I like short names ;)


See how lovely and flat they are? All sitting neatly side by side. I was so happy.
This was as far as I got though as I was too exhausted to continue.

I have been working on it a little here and there, squeezing in these easy, peasy hexagons whenever I can. They are a delight to work up as each one takes less than 10 mins. Can you imagine the possibilities??? 
It is recently I have come to my second snag. Remember at the beginning of the post when I said I wanted a sofa blanket? Scroll up I definitely said it ^^^
Well I need a LOT more yarn to make that happen and at £9 a ball it might be a while...I can see this being a looooong time project, but I am confident that each time I do pick it up I am going to be thrilled to bits :)

These are better pictures showing the colours and textures of this lovely yarn.

I am going to attempt to write a pattern for the Flat Wagon Wheel Hexagon. Please take a gander and let me know what you think. It will be my first pattern and I will probably make a pigs ear of it so I will need tips and tricks...

Hugs Emma x


  1. Emma they are gorgeous you clever thing, loving the colour choice too, so I'm wishing you a lottery win so you can stock up on that lovely yarn
    Clare xx

  2. Loving that yarn - gorgeous gorgeous colours. And your pattern is pretty good too. xx

  3. They are so gorgeous Emma, how clever of you to come up with your own hexe, and the colours are to die for. You've made big progress in a short while so I do hope you can find a way to purchase more yarn to enable you to finish this beautiful Sofa Blanket! Joy x

  4. These are beautiful! I absolutely love the colors!