Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Goings On...

Afternoon lovely people and welcome to my new followers, it is a relief when you know you are not actually writing to yourself and an honour that people find your blog nice enough to follow. You have all made me a happy lady so Thank You xxx

So, there has been nothing and something going on in my mad crazy world. The mood has been a little all over the place so I am taking it easy doing my favourite thing...

Isn't it cosy? I am so blessed that I can have these moments, even if I have to go through all the physical pain and mental torment I am still grateful that I can sit and crochet when things get tough.

I had another delivery over the weekend YAY!
I had some John Lewis vouchers over a year ago for my 30th birthday and I decided(once I found them again!) to buy yarn :)

Total luxury. The first lot is Erika Knight vintage wool. The colours are wonderful and it is more of an aran weight when you feel it than a DK. 
The second is Rowan creative linen. It has a sturdy cotton feel. 
I love the look of skeins but, they are a nightmare to ball up by hand when they are a big one like the rowan. It took the man and I an hour to ball up 4 skeins, but I can think of worse ways to spend my time :)

I like this...4.5mm is my fave hook size and it is perfect for this yarn which means it will work up a bit faster.

A little effort but how pretty do they look??? 

I have already started my project with the linen but you will have to wait and see. I am desperate to spend all my time on it but I really do have to finish my multiple WIPs before I can dedicate the hours needed.
*JOHN LEWIS vouchers DO NOT have a use by date...an excellent gift for someone like me who takes an age to spend vouchers(because I misplace them sometimes...all the time!)

On Saturday it was our cousins 30th birthday and being a fab lady she had a 1950s themed party. 
I was excited. I did wish that I was slim again and could fit into my spare bridesmaid dress that I had from my wedding, but thankfully I did have a dress in the wardrobe that 'just' fitted.

(not a fan of full length pics but trying to be honest with myself...)

Some of the girls did a fab dance to 'Candy Man' (birthday girl is in tartan)
It was fab and everyone was in the rock'n'roll spirit.

And that is it, the goings on over the last few days. I am now about to start my knitted project again...worlds slowest knitter hehe!

Hope you are all having a great day

Happy Tuesday x


  1. I love your cozy knitting/crochet spot. It looks like a bright and happy place. A 50's party! What fun. You are beautiful my dear. Enjoy your 30's, when all is still possible in the world. :-)

  2. The party looks like so much fun! You look terrific. I love your new yarn and I'm glad you've had some time to relax and enjoy yourself. :)

  3. All the colors of your yarn are fabulous!! And I love your polka dot dress for the 50's themed party...you look great!!

  4. I think you look fantastic, look at what fun you had at that party. And felt good enough to go celebrate, that is worth everything.

  5. Yay for gorgeous new yarn (such lovely colours) and 1950's parties you looked fab.

  6. You have amazing eyes--so beautiful! I agree, you love great--I love your dress and the idea of a 50's party...so fun:)
    Your yarn is really pretty! Have fun--you're quite talented.

  7. I love your socks, your new yarn, your gorgeous party dress - you are a stunner - how beautiful you are Emma! All the other dresses are great too and so much fun was happening, that's wonderful! Hugs, Joy x

  8. Loving all that new yarn, what a lovely way to spend a voucher. The party looks great fun...