Monday, 10 February 2014

Home Comfort Creating...

Didn't know what else to call this post. Sometimes the title is the hardest part! Well, remember yesterday when I said I had a busy morning? Well that project has now been completed.
My plan for today was to do a little shopping(for absolutely nothing important, just all pretty, flowery and yarnful things) but sadly after the cleaning mission I went on yesterday(which a few years ago would have been a fraction of days cleaning and I would dance whilst cleaning too, but that is by the by) I was in too much pain to go walking :(
So instead I decided to finish the project and make the lounge a little prettier.
It is really hard renting. I owned my own home for 10 years from being 18 but sadly had to sell up and with the recession and needing a quick sale I didn't make enough to buy a new home and had to resort to renting. I find you can't really make it completely home.
The house I rented in Manchester was an ex council property and the house I am now renting is the same(It is actually a few doors up from the home I owned and the house I met my husband in...also where my cat was born!) I moved back here for the people. I have the most incredible group of friends here, but these types of houses for someone with my creative mind just don't fit the bill when it comes to all things vintage/crafty but I try my best.

WOW! That was a lot of waffle that no-one is probably interested in, but there it is.
I am so happy with what I have achieved so far(Oh and in this house it is an uphill struggle as the landlords are like the chuckle brothers and this is the house that Jack built...again another story)
This is an old oak unit that has been handed down from my Grandma. It is a little battered and a little old fashioned, which I don't mind but I wanted it looking a little prettier.

First coat after sanding. I have never attempted this before. I have a few pieces of furniture that I have acquired or purchased through the years that are all waiting for a little TLC, I just haven't been brave enough to pick up the brush. 

 TA DAH!!!
I am not sure if I am completely happy with it. I don't know if I have actually achieved a shabby chic look or I have made a mess! I think this is because there are no other pieces in my home like it.

Anywho it made me want all the lounge sorted so I cracked on...

There it sits, actually matches a bit now :)

Oh and have any of you got a gazillion DVDs stacking up? I have sooooo many and when I first moved they took up 8 LARGE boxes. Then my Brother told me what to do and when I moved again they only took up 2 boxes.
So obvious really! Box sets and Disney films are all still in cases but this is such a needed space saver so I thought I would share x

Happy Monday x


  1. Sweet Emma, I think it looks perfect in that space, I love the color and I think your home looks very cozy and warm.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you Meredith. It is like walking to a new lounge every morning at the moment lol x