Thursday, 27 February 2014

Birthdays and X-Rays...

Hey there. So the title is a little misleading as there was only one birthday and one x-ray.
It was my middle bugs 10th birthday yesterday. DOUBLE DIGITS! That makes two of them now.
It was a pretty quiet one, we couldn't do too much as I had a doctors apt right bang in the middle of the day! He was thrilled with his gifts though and his big sister took him and the biggest bug out for a meal in the evening.

That mound he is blowing out candles on is a mountain of flapjacks covered in chocolate. It is what he asked for lol!
I also had some cake decorating to complete yesterday. Nothing too fancy but it is cute.

The doctor yesterday had a look at my neck, I have always had pretty bad pain across the shoulders and down the neck but lately it has been getting unbearable. She thought that the vertebrae may be collapsing or I have completely lost the curve(cervical kyphosis).
I went for an x-ray this morning and it was really interesting to see the neck and head on the screen. MY head and neck. I have had hundreds of x-rays on my legs, especially my knees and they are pretty boring, I have x-rays on my back and pelvis which were a little interesting, but the head and neck really was interesting. It was quiet in the hospital so the radiographer spent a little time talking to me about the different bones and functions. She confirmed that I had a very straight neck but obviously she couldn't tell me any more than that. I will have to wait to see the reumatologist in just over a week(thankfully I already had an apt).

Once I had finished there I took a stroll into town to enjoy a brew in a very colourful tearoom that I am coming to love(no camera so no pics). It is run by a lovely couple who are as colourful as the shop.

We then headed to the 'restaurant' the kid wanted to go to, I tried talking him out of it but he insisted.
 It was vile! 
If you live near a Peechy Keens and you are tempted to go in DONT!!! It was the most revolting food I have ever tasted in my life. I thought I would be sick. I was telling people who were wavering whether to eat there or not to run away!

These were the only things that tasted OK! I told middle child that he is never again allowed to pick somewhere to eat because he clearly lacks functioning taste buds!

Now we are finally home, the children are playing in there rooms and I am enjoying a cuppa and about to read a magazine that will restore my faith in good food.

Ahhhhh bliss...

Happy Thursday xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your boy, sound like you had a bit of a day of it, hope everything goes ok at you appointment next week.
    Clare x

  2. Fingers crossed they give you more info at your next appointment. Glad he had a fabbo birthday :) xx

  3. I hope everything goes well at your next appointment. Your description of the restaurant made me laugh, sounds terrible! My son likes to eat at the Chinese buffet on his birthday. I can barely get through a meal there without feeling like I need to be sick, so I understand what you mean. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to the ten-year-old with 'no functioning taste buds' - sounds like a terrible experience at that food place, but quite funny reading your description of it, haha!
    I'm sorry to hear you have so much trouble with your misbehaving body and hope you get a full, and helpful, report on your appt., Emma - all the best with it! Joy x

  5. Happy birthday to middle bug! I laughed out loud at your description of the restaurant - we mums do suffer some awful food choices for our children! Hope the results of your tests go well. x