Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mandatory Crochet...

So crochet is awesome, well to me anyway. I love working with colour and different yarns. I love spending hours putting colours together and planning projects(projects that sometimes remain in the WIP pile for a long time) but sometimes there is what I call mandatory crochet. This is crochet that you HAVE to do whether you want to or not. Why? Because your children tell you so. 
Obviously I love the fact that I can create hats, scarves and toys to order for my children but having 3 boys, 3 boys who are all into the same things and who know what they want this crochet can be a little Meh :/
When it comes to their items I ALWAYS let them pic the designs and colours. It is them that has to wear it after all. When they are small you can get away with making cute things and they adore them...

Even some older kids stuff can be quite cool

But at the moment we are in just plain old colour stage and I have to say it bores me, but like I said at the start, it is mandatory lol. 
Yesterday was spent making biggest Bug his very basic scarf to order. I use Stylecraft special dk for nearly all my crochet these days unless I really can't get the colours I want(or they want)

Not the greatest pictures as I finished it at night, but you can see what I mean about yawnsville!

We are massive Harry Potter fans in this crazy house and recently went to Harry Potter studios. Biggest Bug got a knitted Gryffindor scarf(which took forever as I am the worlds slowest knitter) then at the last minute the middle one decides he wants a Hufflepuff scarf...THE DAY BEFORE...but it was done

I thought that middle bug only wanted the scarf so that he could wear it to this day out but he hasn't taken it off. It goes everywhere with him, and the consequence of that was...
 Thankfully with crochet you can easily just frog and replace, which, after completing boring blue scarf I did. I had two very happy Bugs this morning:)

But after all that boring boys stuff was out of the way I got to pick some colours out and because there are lots of baby girls heading my way with friends and family I get to make pretty things. YAY! 
Ready, Set, Crochet...

Happy Tuesday x

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