Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An Inconsiderate Illness...

Even though this is in America and we are lucky to have an NHS we still have ALL of these issues in the UK. It is unbelievable that in this day and age when we can look back through history and up to present day, know all that we do about the devastation mental illness causes and not just to the patient, we still do not do enough to help, support and protect. 
After a recent trip to A&E and being left vulnerable for hours with no support or even someone to talk to for hours and hours I, as an adult was emotionally and mentally let down. I remembered being a teenager in the same situation and the feeling was 10x worse! How we treat young patients can determine how respond to doctors and treatment as they grow. People with mental illness are the most vulnerable patients and yet they are the most ignored, let down and patronised. If your child has a bad dream you automatically comfort them, mentally ill children need more than a hug to escape the nightmare.


  1. I recently had to try get a bit of help for a family member.....not easy. Although it is out there they kept saying my relative had to ask, put themselves forward. Hmmmm they were in no fit state to do that. Luckily things have improved for them but not down to any 'help' we got :( xxx

    1. That is what I always find so hard to believe is that a lot of the help on offer is self referral and like you say, when you need the help the most you are in no fit state to go looking for it. I am glad you got the help needed eventually xxx