Saturday, 25 January 2014

Day 2 of Blogging Again

Hello again. I have started blogging at a pretty rubbish time in all honesty. I am currently having a bipolar relapse and have been struck down with acute tonsillitis, so not very cheery in the household lately. A plus side to all this is a lot of bed rest and some short bursts of organising. Today I have been finishing off a baby blanket for a friend. I LOVE Granny Squares. LOVE them. I make them as often as I can, big or small. There has been many a time I have absent mindedly crocheted little squares for absolutely no purpose.

Soft baby wool. White with rounds of soft peach. These work up so quickly and the fact that they will be wrapped around someones little bundle of joy makes them so much more precious.
Finished it off with a very simple shell border and it will be delivered in time for her princess on Monday :)

Oh and I also mentioned a little organising didn't I? Well as anyone who is a crafter, crocheter, knitter etc will know mountains of supplies(in this case yarn) build up and up ALL around the home. The struggle is always finding spaces to store it...Not everyone in the household appreciates it and shockingly they don't want to gaze at it lovingly in every room!!! I know, strange right? 
I worked my fingers to the bone before Christmas and I actually made a huge dent in my yarn stock which made organising today a lot easier...even with the sneaky yarn splurge a few days ago...

I bought a really useful and very cheap yarn storage solution. A canvas shoe holder. It fits into my small space perfectly. Even managed to squeeze in a couple of baskets :)

I actually feel very accomplished today and feel I absolutely deserve the nap that I am about to take :)
Happy Saturday x

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