Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekend Wonderful...

This weekend has been a lot busier than anticipated.
The plan was to relax. Make a cake. Relax some more.
It didn't quite go that way...

There were unexpected indoor picnics(honestly this kid just gets on with it, I come downstairs and find him setting out the blanket and cracking on with sarnies. This isn't posed lmao!)

 A little trip into town for some window shopping...

 OOPS! That is not windows!
The man thinks that he needs to do the garden before he goes to the Navy! 2 weeks hmmmm!!!

But I suppose with this awesome little helper...

 It might be possible...

 He even paints...

We are getting there slowly but surely.

Oooo I mentioned cake didn't I?
I had a Birthday commission to complete. A nice simple white base

Lots of hand made roses with a little sparkle.

 Put them together(with some dubious piping) and TA DAH!

Thankfully the cake is for a friend and she is very forgiving hehe!

I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend x

Happy Sunday x


  1. Your little guy sure looks like he keep busy throughout the day! And the cake! My goodness it's beautiful. You are a very talented lady.

    1. He really does, he is a little cutie. From the moment he opens his eyes he is singing, talking to everyone and if we are sleeping he talks to his toys. He tells us what is going to happen(and most of the time it does because his argument is always so sweet) x

  2. Oh what a cutie of a boy you have there Emma - he is gorgeous, as is that cake you have decorated - what a wonderful gift to be such a dab hand at it! Lots of lovely work going on in the garden area - that's always so uplifting isn't it, and then watching for the flowers to bloom - happy satisfaction, thank you mother nature! Have a lovely week, hugs, Joy xo

    1. Sadly I am useless at all things garden. I am hoping that I see lots of tips on peoples blogs(I need plants and flowers that take care of themselves...maybe a cactus or two) x

  3. Lovely to see snippets of your weekend Emma. I love your planters and your cake looks are very clever.
    Jacquie x

  4. That cake is gorgeous! I had no idea that you made cakes as well!!! Goodness what don't you do friend!?!?! And your little helper is just adorable working in the garden and painting! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! Here is to an outstanding week ahead! Nicole xoxo

  5. yes, indeed - what Betsy & Jacqui said! hehe Beautiful cake. Much talent. Be proud! Looks like a happy weekend. So pleased for you. Funny you asked for garden tips as I had a tip for today which was to get the Sweet Peas sown if you haven't already but that only applies to the southern hemisphere - sorry! Can't help with northern climes but your lettuces look great. :-)

  6. What a beautiful cake! I love you planter that looks like boots, it's so cute. He's a wonderful little helper, can you send him to my house next? :)

  7. Love the wellie boots planter and the sugar craft Roses are gorgeous have a great weekend.

  8. your boy is so cute.. love him in the kitchen whipping up something for himself.