Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Smile Worthy Delivery...

I have had a huge smile put on my face today. 
It started with a suggested page on facebook a while back. I get lots of these on my newsfeed, some good, some ridiculous(how to lose weight by eating frogspawn...well that kind of thing!) but this suggestion was right up my street. It led to a page filled to bursting with colour and creative wonderment.
I was hooked. Like was clicked and with each new post came an ooooo and an ahhhhh.
Falling in love with each new design, each new product. 
The page was Caroline Rose Art
Her Etsy shop is filled with gorgeousness.
Caroline creates collages using mixed media and illustration, the effects from the paper cutting add so much depth and fun. It reminds me of being young and learning all about textures and making art fun and unique. Of course I really only managed cotton wool sheep and triangle and square houses hehe! 
I have been longing for some of her colourful art for such a long time, but with moving and decorating I just didn't have the right space for it.
Then I saw the piece that was just right for me and my little bug.
With the man heading back to the Royal Navy soon we are decorating the bugs room with boats and sailing thingimabobs. This piece would be absolutely perfect I thought, and I am right(of course).

I saw it, I loved it so I ordered it and now I have it...
So exciting when, even before you open it you get a glimpse of the brillliant colours and designs. Silly postpeople putting a sticker over a mini piece of art.

Here it is! Isn't it simply gorgeous?

Look how bright the colours are. You can see all the tiny paper cuts, so small and so detailed. This is just a print and yet you can still see the shadows of the 3D effect this kind of art produces. Caroline has made me fall in love with art all over again. The bright, playful images just speak to me. 
This is so perfect for a little bugs room. 
He will pretend he is in that boat, knowing my little bug that fish will be on a lead not a hook and will be his friend(that is what he is like).
He will tell me that he is just like Daddy sailing his boat, being brave in the stormy seas.

This has come on the right day. After my moan and grump yesterday I am still feeling deflated. I have taken a day out and am resting and gathering my thoughts, letting the negative go and letting the positive back in.
To have this splash of colour land, plop! on the mat is a burst of positive cheer.

I urge you to take a look at this talented ladys work if you haven't already. Even just browsing will put a smile on your face I guarantee it :)  

Thank you all for your wonderful comments yesterday. They meant so much and really made me feel so much better and secure that I can be open about the bad as well as the good xxx

Happy Wednesday xx


  1. I love your artwork so glad you feel brighter today - we all need to talk about the hard stuff sometimes x

  2. This artwork is adorable!! Love all the bright colors! It always brightens my day when I receive a package in the mail...especially the cute ones that etsy sellers usually do. I will have to checkout her store!:)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous hun!! As always, your taste is immaculate - a perfect image to spark his imagination, bless! xxx

  4. That's a fab picture can't help but smile when you look at it
    Clare x

  5. It's really adorable and I think it's great to buy art, it's very supportive and you get something unique and special.

  6. I will have to check out her shop! That print is stunning!! All the best to you tomorrow! Nicole xoxo

  7. LOVE the bright colours, can imagine it in a child's story book. Must check out her store:)))

  8. What a sweet, colourful print, I really like it. Thank you for sharing it. x

  9. Great art work I can see why you were so excited to open that parcel! x

  10. I love Caroline's work and have her caravan print. The detail is just amazing. Your boat print is perfect too :) x

  11. Gorgeous artwork, it would cheer me up too! I will check out the link, thank you. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  12. Glad to hear you got a burst of positive cheer :))
    I am going to check out her work now.
    Thank you for the share ~
    and for stopping by the farm!

  13. What a beautiful collage this is - 'twould brighten anyones day, and just perfect for the bedroom of your gorgeously sweet boy! Joy x