Thursday, 6 March 2014

Busy Bees...

We have been very busily buzzing here for the last 2 days. After the purchase of new furniture I was so excited I couldn't contain myself.
I looked around and I could see ALL that needed doing, RIGHT NOW!!!
The man rolled his eyes and I made a list.
2 new shelves for the kitchen(not included today as they are still drying)
The bookcase painted...Well whilst the paint is out we may as well re-paint the dresser?!? Makes sense right? This led to more eye rolling, this time followed by a sigh...
Oh definitely all white with the bookcase...3 coats later...No, the shelves would look better light grey...
Hmmmmm well where are we going to put the old bookcase? I know, you can haul ass it up the stairs and somehow make it fit into a space that is a fraction too can do that right?
No eye rolling just a slow turn, shake of head and walk out of the room.
The man can be sooo dramatic at times!!!

Anyway even with all the dramatics from the man we managed to accomplish quite a lot.

The new table. We are not touching it atm. It goes nicely with the chairs and I want to be certain about what I want before we change it.
It is a bit battered and unloved but that will change. I love that it has a handy cupboard running through the centre :) It is perfect for all those floating things that somehow accumulate in the lounge.

The tight squeeze. I could hardly get a picture because our hallway isn't much wider than this! There are a few books at the bottom but I really think I am going to have to think of more suitable names for things. This is a Yarncase!

 This is the new addition. You can just see the contrast of the light grey. It looks so much better than what we had before and it is so bright. All the colours now look so cheerful and lovely. 
This is a Craftcase hehe!

Beautiful bright colours. I can't wait to add a finishing touch to this case. I think these colours are a little inspirational.

The two darker chairs are my bargain buys. Now, I did think I had a red tablecloth with white spots but it turns out it got binned somewhere along the line. I was a bit reluctant to use this green one as, at first it looked a little garish, but as I wiped it down and added the place mats, stepped back and looked, then looked again I changed my mind on it. I have to say I love its retro theme it is bringing. I was zoomed back in time to my Grandparents house of the 80s.

This is my dresser. Bought a few years ago. Started off like this. Just bare wood.
Then a little transformation later...
This green looked better in the old house in front of magnolia walls, but I got very tired of it and felt it most definitely needed another transformation. So whilst the paint was out...

Phew! You can see our efforts have been well worth it. I couldn't be happier right now...Well maybe if I had a different home and everywhere was gleaming, but with children flying around the home and the 2 kitties using everything(including us!) as a scratch post that is a dream.

Happy Thursday xx


  1. I love each and everyone of your new pieces. I would look at one and say "ooh I like that best". Then keep scrolling down and reading and I'd say" ooh, now I like THAT best!). Now I can't decide. I really like the gray dresser and shelves. But I like your new "craftcase" too. Hubby puts his foot down and won't let me paint furniture. Even when I ask nicely. :-). So I'll enjoy yours.

  2. Everything looks great! You've been a busy girl! I absolutely love this last dresser that was green and now painted the light silver/white color! Love all your decor in it as well:)

  3. You have been busy! It all looks terrific. I really like the way the white bookcase and your dresser came out, in particular. The white is very fresh and it showcases your beautiful things.

  4. It all looks so light bright and cheerful, love the yarncase I need one of those !!
    and wow thr dresser looks great.
    Clare xx

  5. I'm loving all your '….cases', and what a great facelift for your dresser, very sweet indeed! You've been a very busy girl and such fab changes you've brought about! What's next? Joy x

  6. I love the dresser, I've been looking for one of these but so far haven't found one I like.

  7. It looks amazing Em - love the new colour on your dresser! You have been a busy girl xxx