Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March Money Savi....

...Yeah, so I couldn't finish the title as basically I haven't done very well so far.
Thank you all for your lovely comments and tips. Most were about food, I deffo do OK with food, I spend no more than £200 a month on food and household palava which for a family of 5 I think is pretty good, but I am definitely going to try a lot of the tips and see if I can get it lower. 
I have however, been turning off TVs, lights and chargers a lot more. I have had a word with the children about excess toilet paper use. I have started up a food share scheme with friends and neighbours and I have sat down and worked to the penny what is coming in and what needs to go out and what's left etc.
So doing great yeah? Well errrrrrrrrrm...
I have bought some things that I was planning on waiting to buy but once I get the bug! 
I am still happy though as my purchases were savvy(can't spell it!)
I bought a 1930s art deco drop leaf table which is in pretty good condition for £15
Two windsor style dining chairs for £10
and a painted pine bookcase(that I am re-painting) for £45

I don't think that is tooo bad, I will just have to snip it off the budget somewhere else. Maybe swap the loo roll for newspaper(then maybe the kids would appreciate toilet paper more and be a little more careful with it!)

I would have pictures but I can't find my camera and I am a little doped up on painkillers as I have really hurt my hand(I think it is broken!) 
I will be reading all your blogs as soon as I have this house back to normal and I am a little more with it.

Happy Wednesday xx


  1. Ah but you really couldn't NOT buy those bargains Emma - I mean, sometimes you just HAVE to do it, haha!!! Otherwise I'd say you're doing very well indeed.
    I'm very sorry to hear about your hand trouble and hope it isn't broken - you will be having it checked surely? I wish you a speedy recovery, and do be careful with it for broken bones don't really want to start healing in the wrong positions!!! Joy x

  2. Those aren't such expensive buys. I think you did okay. Hopefully you can find other ways to trim the budget. You made me laugh about the toilet paper because my son uses TONS of it. I keep having the same conversation with him, but I don't think he understands. Newspaper might be the way to go...

  3. I can not wait to see your finds! OH they sound fantastic! I would have to put my budget aside for these as well! I hope that your hand is feeling better soon...that is no fun!!! A wonderful week to you! Nicole xoxo

  4. It sounds as though you found some very good deals on the furniture. How did you hurt your hand? I'll be in prayer for you that it's not broken and that it will heal quickly.

  5. Hope you're hand's getting better by now. You did make me laugh about the toilet paper! Also love your header. x