Thursday, 27 March 2014

A is for Attempt...

A is for Attempt
B is for Brave
C is for Colour.

This is my motto this week. I am scared by bold colours. I go from blog to blog and see so many gorgeous makes with so many bright and bold colours and when I go to my mountainous yarn storage I can never quite find the right green, the perfect shade of pink etc...
I have decided though that I can have no more excuses and I have to just bite the bullet and what will be will be. I need to get on the colour train!

So, I apprehensively and thoughtfully picked out the colours I am going to use for a new project. My Summer Patchwork Throw.
I deliberated for aaaaaages, I kept putting colours back, picking them up, putting them back until my basket was full. I am still not happy with them, especially the yellow, but we will see what it looks like when complete.

I think adding the red was fine but maybe not next to the yellow. I am not going to undo it now as I need to be braver. I need to stop being afraid of colour and recognise that the only way to master it is to practise and be bolder.

This is where I am up to. I have gone for large granny squares on a 4mm hook. I LOVE granny squares and as this throw is for me I wanted it to work up quickly, be very easy as I want it large enough to fill my bed. Fingers crossed it will have a nice patchwork feel to it.
I was so pleased that in less than 4hrs I managed to get the first row of squares finished(only another 9 to go!)
I think that was only because the children were taken swimming and were all gone until early evening.

Later on last night(around 10pm) I decided that I wanted to start something else...this is a curse for many crafters out there I know. Something I hadn't done before...A shawl. After seeing so many beautiful ones around blogland and on Pinterest I really felt inspired and my fingers were itching.
A the beginning of last year I did my usually trick of seeing pretty yarn and impulse buying, this is a really bad habit of mine. I saw this yarn on a totally unrelated shopping trip to John Lewis. I got distracted from Grandparent present buying and ended up, as I so often do, in the haberdashery section. I loved the soft feel of the balls and the stunning warm but lifting colours.
It is Rowan Kid Classic, a mixture of lambs wool and kid mohair, so you can imagine how lovely and soft and natural it feels.
Problem with it was, when I got home and looked at it some more and felt it and cuddled it, I had absolutely no idea what to make with it. It isn't the right weight for a blanket or cushion and I was in no way attempting clothing, so it got put away, out of site and I gave myself a smack on the hand for once again jumping head first into an unnecessary purchase.
Last night however, it became the PERFECT yarn for my shawl.

It says to use 5.5mm has a weight more of a 4ply than a dk so I can only assume the large hook recommendation is to get a really lacy look.
I didn't want a lacy look. I want a light but warm shawl so I opted for 3.5mm and so far it is really working out well.

I have gone for a very basic granny stripe pattern. It is easy and as most of you know with my constant health moans easy is about all I can manage...
There is a superb tutorial at this lovely blog

You can see all those natural fibres bursting out. It is so perfect for warmth on Summer nights. 
I have again been quite brave I think with the layout of the colours. I was tempted to mix the light and dark colours but I actually really like the contrast. 
I could be making a huge mistake and kick myself later, but for now I am happily hooking with this sumptuous yarn.
I am hoping to have this finished for a dear friend. Fingers crossed.

What WIPs have you got on the go?

Happy Thursday xx


  1. I am a bit scared of bright colours too! Your patchwork blanket is going to be fabulous and I love the look of your shawl, looks really soft.
    Marianne x

  2. Your shawl is going to be lovely as is your blanket, Emma, and full marks for being daring and getting into colour! I know that feeling of always wanting to begin something new, and these past few days I have been very unsettled in my craftwork - starting and pulling out, starting and pulling out: we all go through these times I think! I hope your health is improving now? Take good care of yourself, hugs, Joy xo

    1. I am feeling much better, thank you Joy. I am taking advantage of feeling a little healthier by hooking frantically hehe!

  3. Your blanket and shawl are both beautiful Emma. I have the same problem with color. I'm never sure how much color is too much. Your blanket looks as though you've found a great balance. The yarn for the shawl is exquisite. I'm sure your friend will absolutely love it.

    1. Thanks Betsy. I hope so, just have to work to finish it lol xx

  4. They're both looking lovely. Have you considered a mustard tone in the blanket assortment, instead of pale yellow? It might work there. I've grown to like mustard a lot in the past couple of years. Your shawl looks pretty too. I really want to make something like that but I have no idea how to make the triangular shape! It would be like half a square, I think, but I don't know exactly how to get there.

    1. Hey Jennifer, it is half a square indeed. If you click where is says lovely blog it will take you to a photo tutorial, within reading the first few lines and seeing a couple of pics you will know how to do it. It is easy peasy xx

  5. So sorry you were feeling so poorly, glad you are feeling a bit better. I love your squares and that lovely shawl. Beautiful!
    hugs and take good care of yourself.

  6. Both your projects look gorgeous Emma, you have great taste so relax and enjoy the gentle rhythm of those stitches.
    Jacquie x

  7. Your shawl is looking lovely! Shawls are my favourite thing to crochet :) The colours you have chosen are really pretty xx

  8. Emma this is going to be a lovely blanket, fab colour choice.....have a great weekend! :) x

  9. I think the shawl is going to be lovely Emma, I love that yarn I made a cowl with it a few year back, it a pleasure to work with, looking forward to seeing the blanket grow love th colour choices
    Clare x

  10. I always seem to choose the same colours too and avoid certain ones. Lately I've been trying to push against my comfort zone and it's scary but exciting! Looks like you're doing a good job of it to me. The shawl in particular is just gorgeous. x