Sunday, 2 March 2014

St. Davids Day Awesomeness...

A belated Happy St. Davids Day to you all.
We had a fantastic day. We went to one of my all time favourite places. The museum of Welsh life, better known as St. Fagans.
It is just on the outskirts of Cardiff and it is a place filled to bursting with everything you need to see and know about Welsh life through the years.
The place itself is a collection of buildings from all over Wales that have been painstakingly dismantled brick by brick, each brick logged and numbered and then re-erected in St. Fagans. Many of these incredible buildings would have been demolished and lost forever if it wasn't for this great place.

We met up with our awesome friends. The wonderful Hazel from Little Welsh House, her husband and her two fabulous rescue dogs Millie and George. 

Awesome trees that have been trimmed back making them look like Whomping Willows(Harry Potter)

Beautiful part of the castle gardens

Signs of Spring

Bara Brith...I will share recipe. It is DELICIOUS!

A few hundred year old farm house. They were painted red to keep away evil spirits.

Gorgeous Hazel with the bugs and the dogs. Doesn't George have the best photo smile???

Sheep bum!

Welsh cake making in a traditional farmhouse kitchen. Welsh cakes are yummy(like drop scones) and smell divine.
(we had already enjoyed some of Hazels welsh cakes at our picnic nom nom)

Sitting room in Farmhouse. I love the fireguard. It is so intricate and beautiful.

Dream House!

Where bakes are made in a traditional way

This street of Miners Cottages is one of my favourite parts of the museum. I will take you along on the journey through time.

First home is 1805. Look how sparse it is. To think that these were built for families is incredible. There is a lounge with a stove for cooking and a table for eating. This back bedroom and one bedroom upstairs. They are so small.

1855 There are more decorative items building rather than just the essentials. 

1895. This is already so incredible how the designs and rooms change and become so much more homely and vibrant.

1925. Photographs on the wall are a symbol of the effects of progression and scientific advancement. Reminders of the Great War on the mantle.

1955. Awesome original roller skates. Imagine the fun the child(or adult) that wore these had whizzing around laughing and screaming with joy.
These pictures are from the out building, some of these were made from old air raid shelters. Talk about making use of space. I would love this in my back yard. It is absolutely gorgeous. I could quite happily move in tomorrow.

The house of 1955. Times have definitely changed dramatically. These were no longer just somewhere to live, they were homes that could show off the disposable income that people were now acquiring.

1985 Have you noticed the even more extreme changes? Modern times require modern layouts...including a bath! OK it is in the kitchen but it is a bath. I think this house just shows how small these cottages really are and how ingenious the people living in them were to make the most of the space throughout time. Always adapting to the needs of the time.

 The next group of photos is my second favourite part. This is a prefab. Prefab stands for prefabricated. They sprung up everywhere throughout Britain after the war. They were cheap and more importantly quick to erect. They were essential as so many families had lost their homes in the bombings of the war. Left homeless these buildings were so needed and appreciated.
Originally built as a temporary measure many of the families they were built for spent the rest of their days in them and many still stand today as family homes.
How gorgeous is this room? The stunning furniture, the quilts, even the knitted horse on the bed.

Not too sure about the curtains but I am definitely in love with everything else. Look at the detail on the floor...don't you just love the hat and scarf too(I like how even back then it was clear that the bedroom is the womans room...dresser for her, wherever there is space for him!)

That tablecloth! I think I need to go a hunting!

I think there a few of you that have just fallen for this kitchen! 
I appreciate how much effort goes into the detail of all the properties at this magical place.
Each part and each building is a trip back in time. You can imagine the people, the faces the work.

We took so many more photos and there is a fair I want to share with you but I think this post has come a long way and taken you through enough year hehe.
I hope you have enjoyed our little tour together. I have enjoyed making you a part of our day. 

Happy Sunday x


  1. What a fantastic place, no wonder you enjoyed your visit.

    I tried a Welsh Cake on Friday, a colleague had made them for us all, such a lovely thought. And they were so yummy!


  2. What an interesting place to visit. I would love to go there sometime. Thanks for taking me along with you. :)

  3. Wow, what a fascinating place to visit, I would have loved to have seen it all in person.

  4. Looks like a great day out.
    Clare x

  5. Oh I would have loved to have gone on this visit with you. I love this post. Thank you for taking us along through your pictures.

  6. Thanks for inviting us - we all had a fantastic day, and you're right, your bara brith was immense! Xx

  7. Loved those roller skates! I vaguely remember having a pair that was similar to those. Great post Emma!
    Blessings, Aimee