Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Making the Best of it...

Hi there. So what about this sunshine? I don't know about you but when that sun is shining I am filled with ideas and excitement before I even open my eyes, which is why it really, REALLY sucks to have the crappiest immune system ever!
Guess What???
I am ill again!!!
This is getting sooooo boring. My house has so many messy spots which I am noticing more and more every day. I have redecorated at least 10 times in my head since being laid up.
I have spent thousands!
I have won the lottery, all different amounts and planned how to spend it and deliberated on how deserving family and friends are and how much they will get.
I have been on about 20 different holidays, some with kids and some without...
I have bought so many pretty things that in reality I can't afford. I have made Pinterest boards which display these desires...even made a holiday one(a girl can dream).
I have made soooo many cakes(and eaten them) and my decorating skills would put Cake Boss to shame hehe!

Obviously in reality I have been lay in my bed or on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself, crocheting and moaning. I have been drinking tea and eating out of boredom!
I have been enjoying marathon programme catch up. Mainly Call the Midwife and Sewing Bee, that has been one good thing. I am longing to learn to use my machine and Sewing Bee doesn't help this longing!
I think it is safe to say I am a little worn out with my own company. 
I have been popping in and out of blogland and seeing all your lovely posts but I am so worn out that I get through some and then doze off again.
I have made a concious decision this morning after waking up without the ability to swallow and discovery of white spots on the tonsils, to spend the morning typing(albeit moany typing) on my little blog and upload some of the photos I have been snapping away at.
My little bug. We went to the cinema over the weekend(I started feeling really poorly half way through Muppets Most Wanted) he had to take Fluffy and Mickey with him and they thoroughly enjoyed it.                                             

Something that has been a source of mindless entertainment...it gets boring very quickly!

Some flowers to cheer a girl up :)

The garden is getting a mini makeover. Just something to make this very small and ugly yard a little less of an eye sore!

More bright, beautiful flowers.(both bunches were reduced and count as medicine for sure)

New wool storage...

Cute retro Pop bottles...little in love...

So there are some of the nice things about the last few days.
I haven't been too bad with my frugal March.
I have looked for bargains everywhere. I spent a lot of money on my food shop, but I managed to buy enough for over 2 months for £400. I know that sounds like a lot but for a family for 2 months and it includes meat and all cleaning/household products, I am quite chuffed!

These pop bottles are a sparkling £2 each from Tesco, which is a bargain I think. They have a lovely range at the moment with all this gorgeous coloured glass and some stunning pastel cookware(which definitely did not become part of my March)
Wilkinsons also have some gorgeous coloured glass products including Kilner jars. Again I haven't indulged as they really couldn't be justified.
I know you may think that these bottles can't be but they can I just can't go into details...yet!
(My crochet ta-dahs can't be shared right now either :( )

But a sneaky peek wont hurt ;)

ooooo and another little tip. Right now we are in garden stuff season. Now, if like me you are not the greatest gardener but still find yourself browsing these aisles then despair not.
Garden paraphernalia is usually a lot cheaper than pretty indoor decor.
The bucket I am now using for yarn storage is a gorgeous pastel green and has the wooden embellishment on the handle. It was £4 in the garden section at Tesco!!! £4! If this was an indoor decorative item you would be looking at upwards of £10.
I also use a lot of string in my crafts and for wrapping and twine is perfect...gorgeous twine holders are EVERYWHERE at the moment and they are really reasonably priced.
Keep an eye out people x

Happy Tuesday xxx 


  1. Oh Emma, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still so ill. That's definitely NOT a good way to experience spring. White spots? It might be time to see the doctor! I love all of your happy finds and I think 400 is very, very good for feeding and cleaning a family. Great job! I'll say a prayer that you'll soon be on the mend and enjoying the sunshine.

  2. Hi Emma, sorry you haven't been feeling well but glad you have still managed to seek out some lovely happy things. Love those pretty coloured glass bottles. Get well soon.
    Marianne x

  3. I hope you feel better soon, Emma. I'm glad you've still been able to notice the happy things around you.

  4. Nice blog Emma. Wishes for a speedy recovery. You asked me to send you a chart on my blog; however, you are a no reply blogger - not sure if you knew this. Please send me your email address and I will happily send you the chart. digger.lizzie@gmail.com. :-)

    1. Oh dear! I don't know what noreply blogger is or how to change it :/

  5. Aww Emma, I hope you feel better soon. I hate being ill and having to lie around - it's sooooo boring. Good that you are finding the positives in all your lovely purchases though - love those glass bottles. x

  6. Sorry to hear you are ill, Emma! Your new coloured bottles are so pretty, and I love the little peek at your gorgeous crochet. Those flowers are beautiful and I do believe they help to cheer you up during illness. I hope you feel much better very soon.
    Helen xxx

  7. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Emma I know the misery of a rubbish immune systen, I just love you new yarn storage bucket and the flowers are essential and so pretty looking forward to seeing the crochet it's looking beautiful.
    Clare x

  8. I'm sorry too, Emma, to hear you are unwell again - it sounds like antibiotics may be the order of the day for that throat, in order to nip it in the bud!
    You have lots of positives though, with your wise money management, bargain purchases and pretty flowers, and especially with your charming little bug - so sweet he is! Take good care of yourself and get well soon. Sending love and healing wishes, Joy xo PS Your crochet is looking so sweet and lovely x

  9. Hi Emma, Sorry that you have been unwell. What a pain - both literally and figuratively. Glad to see you are finding the little joys despite feeling wretched. It is possible to find happiness even in the throes of illness. Be patient and take good care of yourself for now. We and the blog and the house will still be there when you are feeling better.

  10. Sorry you are not feeling the best. I too love sewing bee and call the midwife though a little miffed midwife has been taken off iplayer already! Hope you get seeing soon. I am finding it very difficult to comment in your blog as I keep getting redirected to google plus. Maybe you could add a link or your blog name in future. Crochet looks great x

    1. I don't know how to fix this :( I am such a technophobe!