Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tea for One...

Today is the day a new journey began in our humble home and family. Today is the day I became a military wife.
My husband packed his bags and sailed(well got on a train) into the distance to begin(again...he was in it for 6years when he was younger) his adventure in the Royal Navy.

It has been a bit of a strange day. People asking how I feel, how are the children etc. The truth is of course, that there is, at this minute, not much change. He has only been gone a few hours.

I did sit in the kitchen once I had waved him off(not literally as I had to get home and left him in the middle of town to fend for himself.) and looked at the two mugs from the morning cuppa sitting next to the sink, waiting for their morning bubble bath, and it did hit home a little that, that will not be happening very often. 
I washed the mugs and put his aside. It will hang with the others on the mug stand, but unlike the others it will not be used until its owner is home and enjoying a hot beverage.

I still get to enjoy mine though and in a very, VERY quiet house. I am going to have to get use to all this free time. I think I can actually manage it, even if I am forced to spend it all crocheting and reading...

Before he left though, he did make Mothers day a glorious day for me(unlike last year when not even a card was in sight!) 
Now I can sip my tea from some really exquisite porcelain.
I have been hankering after some Pip Studio china for sooo long but I just couldn't justify the spend, and as for the bag!!! LOVE IT! 
Hopefully I will have better luck with it than a few other CK bags purchased in the past and this one wont come apart!

 I also had a cake made, just for me. Nom, nom...

Stunning flowers. These were from little bug(via Daddys wallet)

 These were from middle bug(from his own pocket...used some of his birthday pennies)

I adore gerberras and roses. I think gerberras are really playful flowers, they are rising up simply to spread a smile and colour. 
Roses are grown up, complex. With a little time and care they open up layer by layer to reveal the ultimate beauty of all these layers combined...a bit like women ;)

Biggest bug has also ordered me a gift with his own pennies and I am so EXCITED for it to come. I will definitely share a pic when it arrives.

So today was tea for one but dinner for dozens it seems...Small bug LOVES dressing up in his chef outfit(just like Daddys...except Daddy didn't like putting it on so much!) and making us all yummy treats. The problem comes when imaginary meets reality...sticky and smelly plates and pots where real food has somehow managed to sneak into play...

It looks like every toy in his room could dine out with him...and Mummy gets left with the washing up!

So it has been a very surreal few days since the weekend. Positive for the most part but with some sentimental and sad moments thrown in.
Tomorrow is a new day and a day to embrace this new path we are travelling on, together, as a team. One step at a time.

Happy Tuesday xxx


  1. Hi Emma, this will be quite an adjustment for all of you won't it? You were certainly treated to a special day by your family before the goodbye though, weren't you? Beautiful flowers, bag and china. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers as you get used to this new life.

  2. First of all a very happy Mother's Day to you! What beautiful gifts from your family! And best wishes with all the changes....you have a very great outlook and I love how you said doing it as a team!!! That sums it up right there! All the best! Nicole xo

  3. Hi Emma it's going to bit a of a ajustment for you all but you'll get there, some lovely mother days gifts, love the flowers. After reading this I'm so pleased my birdy post made you smile this morning.
    Clare xx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful mothers day. good luck in your new journey. I can imagine that many day s you will feel a little down but just look at your wonderful children and it will defo put a smile on your face. Have a lovely day.

  5. This is will be a time for adjustments that's for sure. I'm praying for you DH and your sweet family as you enter this new journey.


  6. What a beautiful Mother's Day, you were very spoilt. Thinking of you as you adjust to the changes in your life.

    Have a lovely weekend

  7. Bless your heart, there will be days when you miss him so much and days you just get up and get moving. We are all here for you!

  8. What lovely Mother's Day gifts! Wishing you all the best with your new life, some things will be the same but some very different, I'm sure you have lots of support around you, and of course all your blog friends too! :) x

  9. Hi there
    You sound very positive about it all, best way to start. Three kids will keep you good and busy I'm sure, especially if you get extra washing up from them.

  10. Wonderful Mother's Day gifts---you are one loved mom and wife! I am not sure what they have available in the UK, but perhaps there's an online forum for Navy wives? I know that being able to talk to others in the same situation is most helpful for those days when you might need a bit of support.
    Thank you goes to your DH for his service to the UK and for you also.
    Blessings, Aimee