Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bring on Spring...Part 1...

Why hello there my lovely friends.
WOW! It seems like forever and a day since I last paid my poor little blog a visit.
The truth is, with all this awesome sunshine I have been very pleasantly distracted. We have been filling every day with outdoor activities or simply hanging out washing, taking advantage of the chance to reduce the electricity bill AND get that wonderful line fresh smell on all the laundry.

When I last blogged I mentioned my arm. I am pleased to say it is on the mend. Still not fully functional, I find crocheting or typing for too long makes it tense and can lead to temporary pain. It has made blogging almost impossible, I have missed it, but I am so glad that each day has been filled with fun and laughter...also a LOT of arguments since the boys broke up for the Easter hols on Friday ARRRRRGH! It makes me want to bang their heads together!.

There have been changes. The man went to serve our Country...and then came back less than two weeks later for the 2 weeks Easter leave! 
It was nice to see him all spruced up in his uniform though....
A very happy, little bug.

All kitted out in his actual work gear...still a "chef" (Thankfully most of the guys and gals in the forces are use to second rate grub...shhhhhh!?)

Things have been very hectic here over the last few weeks.
We have had some visitors...

My siblings popped by from Brighton to say hi. This is Bobby and Alice with my little bug.

Alice decided to use the time wisely by making a cake.

And bloody yummy it was too :)
The Father and siblings were only here for the day. They were dropping off my eldest little Sister, Holly. She has come to stay for two weeks. 
Was lovely to see them all...but also nice to have some peace when they went on their way ;)
Having an extra 4 children in the house is always headache inducing no matter how much they are loved.

Holly also decided that cake making was the way forward(don't know where they get it from!).
We decided to have a little tea party for Fluffy the Monsters birthday, oh yes! We have actual monsters in this house don't you know?.

I must admit it is nice to see my very tom boy sister in florals hehe!

How cool is this? Holly really did do 80% of this. I think I have some competition...


I think Fluffy enjoyed his impromptu party.

It hasn't all been hectic and loud in these parts.
I have managed to sneak in a few quiet moments.

Ahhhh toasted tea cakes and a cuppa...

And before I leave let me introduce you to this handsome fella.
This is Reginald(Reggie)...we picked the name...I picked the name ;). 
He is the newest member to our little mad house. I AM IN LOVE!!!
Despite his old man features he is only a pup. 5 months exactly.
He belonged to a friend of mine but she has just had a baby and Reggie isn't as house trained as she was promised and she just doesn't have the time to do it.
He is wonderful. A handful I will admit, but that makes me love him all the more.

He is a Parson Russell Terrier according to his breeder. I had never heard of them until Reggie came along.
So that is part 1 of the start of Spring. There is lots to say and share still but that can wait.
I think this post is long enough.
I hope you are all well and I promise to get along and comment of gazillions of missed posts as soon as 5 min presents itself.

Happy Wednesday xxx


  1. Your new dog is so cute! He's going to keep you busy, haha. It's nice to see you're enjoying time with your family. I'm glad your husband was able to come back for Easter. I hope you all have a happy holiday.

  2. You have a beautiful family! Parson is so cute too!
    Please tell Holly that I said her cake is amazing! :))
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter! <3

  3. My goodness you are a busy, busy lady. I'm so happy to see that your husband is home again for a short time, (and he is very handsome indeed in his uniform). Lots of guests too! It's nice to have visitors but also nice to have normal back. It was good to hear from you Emma.

  4. Emma--your new little addition is ADORABLE! Your family will have so much fun with him! Holly's cake is incredible with a capital I--she is very, very talented! I am going to try to make my first Easter lamb cake soon---can you please send me a teeny, tiny bit of her talent so it'll look (and taste) good? :)
    PS: Nice to see your hubby home so quick for a visit.

  5. Aww what a cutie your new pup is, looks like it's been very busy at yours, have a wonderful easter
    Clare xx

  6. So glad that your hubs is home for Easter! I know having a houseful is hectic especially when you're outnumbered by kids:)

    Happy Easter!

  7. OH I love Reggie, Emma, he is absolutely gorgeous, just look at that little face - good luck with the training! Lots of happy things around your place, so nice to see the kids in the kitchen producing such lovely goodies, and well done to Holly on her icing expertise! So nice for you to have hubby home for a wee while - enjoy your time together and happy Easter! Hugs, Joy xo

  8. I missed this post as I was a way from blogland for a bit, such fun news and then you throw a puppy at us!!!!! How exciting! I love his cute little face and his cute little name. Have a lovely time with your sister,

  9. I can't think of a better cause for a headache than the happy busy noise that must emanate from your home at the moment. I love having my home full of people but I know what you mean about enjoying the peace when everyone has left again - we don't appreciate one unless we have experienced the other, so it is all good. I hope all of these activities distract you and keep you arm rested from crochet and typing so it can heal quickly. Have fun! :-)