Saturday, 19 April 2014

I Had a Plan...

Yes, indeed I did! I had a plan to plan a speggtacular Easter...
I have not fulfilled this plan. This plan did not come go to plan.
In fact it went the opposite. I have done practically nothing to make it wonderful, other than buy a daft amount of hollow chocolate eggs, eat a daft amount of hollow chocolate eggs and then replace said hollow chocolate eggs.
I am currently lay in bed trying not to nod off again today. I am hungover and I hate it.
You would think at 31 I would know that a few drinks by the chiminea on a lovely Spring evening is never a good idea.
Long story short?
The friend left after a couple of cocktails slurring her words insisting that she was leaving sober, the man spent most of the night hugging the toilet and whilst I was in charge of it, said chiminea crumbled! Other friend then says, "is that a mobile phone melting above the tea light?" Yes, yes it was. My mobile phone! 3 drinks people. 3!!!
I will have a one glass limit from now on!

Anyways, other than the disaster that was last night we have had a wonderful first half of the Easter break.
The kids have been busy enjoying all this glorious sunshine, the new pup Reggie has settled in wonderfully and I can't believe it has only been a week.
I have got lots of washing on the line and have read 3 chapters of my book. So all in all I think it has been very productive!

I haven't even been organised with photo taking so here is a random lot :)
Enjoy x

Easter Bonnet...bunny style.

Park fun x

More attempts at growing stuff. You never know we might actually get a strawberry and a tomato.
Green fingers crossed.

Today was a little productive. A carrot cake was baked, a chocolate bunny was prepared and some chocolate Easter nests were created by the bugs of the house, but all that can wait for now x

There are many more Easter type pictures and I do take them of the older bugs but they are not very active...ergo not that interesting in pics hehe!

Hope you are all having a great Easter Break.

Happy Saturday xx


  1. Emma~
    I hope you get to feeling better soon. We all make mistakes at times but tomorrow is another chance to start over with a clean slate!
    Your cake looks amazing--how blessed your kids are to have a talented mum like you!
    Some years we don't have a lot of luck with our tomatoes, but most years they're fine. I tend to grow the cherry, super sweet kind or other small specialty ones. The PNW is known for its strawberries and I grow mine in wine barrel halves. I grow the ever-bearing ones and alpine ones (the latter being itsy bitty).
    Your weather looks gorgeous--send some our way please:)
    PS: I LOVE your 'moaning' label. We all could use one of them at times!

  2. Oh dear, I do hope you are soon over the hang-over Emma - but with just enough memory of it to keep you to you resolution "Never again!" It's an awful self-inflicted bungle!!! Been there, done that, many moons ago!
    Sounds like you won't be needing a whole lot more chocolate either for a while? Gosh, you have been having a good time, haven't you, haha!
    Love the pics of the kids in the park, doggy friend watching patiently, and your lovely 'boys' planting up future strawberries and tomatoes - I hope they are very successful! Happy Easter! Cheers!!!! Joy xo

  3. Hi Emma, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. It does sound as though you're doing well in your Easter preparations. It does seem strange not to be able to make baskets and goodies anymore, but with all of our family so far away there is no one but me to eat it, (hubby doesn't care for chocolate). I definitely do NOT need it.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Easter my friend.

  4. Have a lovely Easter Emma. You did make me laugh with your drunken tales - lesson learned until the next time ;) We weren't going to do much in the way of decorating and then I had a flurry last night - might post pics later, or not. Thanks for the comment about the gardening - I don't take much notice of when things 'should' be done by and most things turn out ok. Looking forward to seeing your strawberries. x

  5. Hi Emma, you seem to be having a good time even if you think you got of to a bad start with a little alcohol, bet the alcohol was good at the time...hc..I've been on indigestion tablets from having to much chocolate..Hoping for a Easter family meal together with the family, but boy's decided to go to their girlfriends houses..Just me and my Husband having chips and beans then...happy days.(very little washing up)
    Amanda x

  6. Hope you ar feeling better now and the bunny hopped your way
    Clare x

  7. Glad your husband is home to celebrate Easter with all of you, it looked like a wonderful day.