Sunday, 8 June 2014

Too Much to do...

It has been a while hasn't it? Doesn't the time fly when life gets hectic???
Well even now as I am writing this I am in a hurry as I HAVE to get to sleep soon for another busy day tomorrow, but I had to pop on and say hello. I have missed the blogging world so very much lately and all the gorgeous, inspiring posts but I promise as soon as I am more organised I will be back with vengeance :)

For now I will share with you the exciting news that my friend has had her baby girl.
Ruby-Mae made her entrance into the world on May 25th.
She is beautiful. I am totally in love already.

Becky is never quite organised...Late announcement hehe!

ooooo and I can show you the blankets that I had to keep hushed about...

I love the vintage look of this blanket. I used the old candy stripe bedding as inspiration. It was so lovely using other colours than just pink and white for a girl blanket and still having the same cute baby girl effect.

I even have one of her very first photographs and you can just see it peeking through...

Isn't she just ADORABLE?!?! How I didn't bungle her home with me I don't know.
So beautiful x

So I will be back soon and hopefully will start to become much more organised :)

Happy Sunday xx


  1. Bless her heart she is a darling little thing. Congrats to your friend and hope you are well, oops forgot to say the blanket is perfect.

  2. Oh my goodness! Little Ruby-Mae is adorable!!! Love the new blanket you made for her--gorgeous colors! Good to see posts from you again:)

  3. Ah what a beautiful little baby, and gorgeous blankets for her too Emma! Well done and I'll look forward to seeing you around a bit more soon! xoJoy